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Welcome to PROTHRO Gallery

For more than a decade, Traci Prothro has pioneered and set the pace for outstanding, contemporary art in Park City, Utah. As a former Director in several galleries in town, Traci has a well-known reputation for having a ‘creative vision’ in selecting and marketing well known artists as well as introducing new talent into her galleries.

After a courageous battle with a serious health crisis, Traci received ongoing support and encouragement from her husband, Pat Prothro, and their families, to take her passion, talent and creative energy to open her own gallery.  In August, 2016, PROTHRO Gallery opened their doors to a very enthusiastic community reception.

PROTHRO Gallery promotes a platform which exposes artists and their creations to the most discerning of collectors. Our clients are provided a broad range of original artworks to accommodate every budget requirement.

The beautiful love story of Pat and Traci Prothro was the inspiration for the PROTHRO Gallery tagline: Live. Love. Art.  These two clearly know how to ‘LIVE’… they live with gusto and celebrate every moment of life. They have an extraordinary and touching  ‘LOVE’ story and ‘ART’ comes from the special moments they create where ever they are and for their love and support of the ‘arts’, as a whole.  PROTHRO Gallery features a few select Park City artists, national, as well as international artists, creating a fun and exciting collection. If you live in gorgeous Park City, Utah or you are just visiting, no stroll on Historic Main Street is complete without a visit to Park City’s newest and finest art gallery, PROTHRO Gallery. Please, stop in and say ‘hello!’ 

Why buy art?  Art, simply stated, is a powerful form of emotional connection and expression. Reasons for buying art are many and multi-faceted at best. However, they can be summarized as psychologically and socially rooted in nature, but always having a connection component to either the artist, the place, the people, a feeling or nostalgia.’  ~ Traci Prothro | PROTHRO Gallery, Park City, Utah

PROTHRO Gallery Artists


Thomas Arvid, Prothro Gallery
Arvid is the preeminent painter of wine.  Because he loves wine.


Tom Everhart | Prothro Gallery

Who doesn’t love PEANUTS?   Everhart’s pieces will make you smile.


Houston Lleu Spirit Tiles | Prothro Gallery

Spiritiles are molten glass on copper art collectibles that capture the spirit of the enlightened moment


Michaelle Peters | Prothro Gallery | Park City Art Gallery

Peters specializes in encaustic painting and mixed media.


Malen Pierson | Prothro Gallery

Sculpter, folk artist, a collector of found objects, Pierson is a true innovator. 


Ford Smith | Prothro Gallery

Smith creates contemporary landscapes conjured from the stunning horizons.


Nikki Keye | Prothro Gallery
Keye’s art is influenced by the shapes and colors of her environment.


Janet Tefetiller | Prothro Gallery
Tefertiller’s unique hand-painted creations speak for themselves.


Nancy Noel Fechtel | Prothro Gallery

Fechtel’s artwork is inspired by a love for the ocean, waves and clouds.


Chris DeRubeis | Prothro Gallery

The art world recognizes DeRubis as “The Father of Conceptual Movement.”


Nandy Jones | Mala Jewelry | PROTHRO Gallery

Nandy’s one-of-a-kind jewelry is inspired by Eastern religion.


PROTHRO Gallery | Live. Love. Art.

Art, simply stated, is a powerful form of emotional connection and expression.


Absolutely my favorite art gallery in Park City. Love the diversity of the artists and the Malen Pierson sculptures are amazing. Be sure to check out the bison. I have always visited the galleries where Traci has worked. Her knowledge, professionalism, wonderful staff and the constant fun activities that go on make this a must stop on Main Street.
The new Prothro Gallery on Main Street appears to be a smashing success. The sculptures by Malen Pierson intrigue passers by and once inside, the Everhart Snoopy pictures hold your attention. I saw several children pull their parents inside! Come take a look, it will be hard to resist- Arvid, Ford Smith, Houston Llew, you name it. There is something in everyone’s price range. Thank you Traci Prothro!
“I recently had the pleasure of visiting the new Prothro Gallery on Main St. Wow! Not only is the gallery beautiful , but the talent is amazing! Displaying colorful, unique, exquisite, creative and fun pieces of art. The gallery has a warm welcoming feeling with the friendliest staff you could ever meet with a vast knowledge base about each individual art piece. PROTHRO gallery is a must-see.”